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Softpedia (review excerpt)

A comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) software solution. CONTACTfile's main advantage is the fact that it can help you store vast amounts of information regarding your clients, such as business contacts, invoices, orders and payslips.

Taking all things into consideration, CONTACTfile is an application that proves its real-life utility and perfectly fits into our day and age when most companies are, or should be, trying to virtualize most of their management and activities.


Steyning Downland Scheme

Our old database was overloaded and time-consuming to use. We were recommended CONTACTfile by Steyning Horticultural Society and have been delighted with the product. It is easy to use and enables us to quickly extract information about our contacts, which now amounts to over 500 names. We can identify their particular interests, and we can track subscriptions to enable us to manage our 'Friends' accounts. The support we have had has been excellent. A truly worthwhile database that we would highly recommend.

Steyning Downlands Scheme


Straightforward Coaching

My CONTACTfile database is fantastic, and what's even more fantastic is the the patient handholding and question answering that you have offered to this nervous database newbie. Thanks so much. Highly recommended!

Straightforward Coaching

Cottage Industries Association

Before I used CONTACTfile, I was having all sorts of problems with a leading CRM product.  I spent over 1k to get it!  All I needed was a good CRM to run my business, with one copy on my office computer and another on my laptop.  I have had none of these problems with CONTACTfile – it is very good.  Moreover, the CONTACTfile support desk is really helpful.  Someone responds quickly, and I really like being able to speak to someone from the UK whenever I need to.


Cottage Industries Association

Steyning Horticultural Society

Steyning Horticultural Society has followed the local Allotment Association by installing CONTACTfile to conduct all the administration of the club’s 366 membership. Charles Ashby, the society’s Chairman and Secretary, says that it has made life so easy - to manage accounts, subscriptions, outings and bookings and instant contact with all the members - he is now unsure how they managed under the old paperwork system which always took hours of time and often ended up in a muddle. The backup for CONTACTfile is really good giving instant attention. The society are so impressed with the system they recommended it to a large Downland scheme operating in the South Downs National Park who have now purchased CONTACTfile.


CRM for Steyning Horticultural Society

John O'Hara: JPO Technical Services

I’ve been using CONTACTfile for about a year now and I was originally looking for a simple database program to keep track of my business clients with some basic information about them. Prior to using CONTACTfile I had tried Microsoft Business contact manager and also a couple of other database programs with  little success. The key advantage of using CONTACTfile is its flexibility, it can be used as a simple contact database through to a complete business database with all of the required functions. It also comes with excellent tutorials and UK technical support.

Angling Publications Limited

CONTACTfile has really simplified the management of our databases and more. Prior to investing in CONTACTfile we had various databases for different sectors of our business, this made updating difficult, time consuming and problematic. With CONTACTfile our databases are now merged, categorised and accessible by all key members of staff. This has saved us so much time and allowed us to have one central hub to store vital information about our customers, the package has various features, one of my favourites being the communication history, this allows any team member to pick up where another left off, you can even log information such as birthdays and personal interests of each staff member, having this level of information allows us to reconnect with our customers instantly. The link in with Outlook means we never miss call backs and can plan reminders to alert us to key dates, such a budget setting and product launches. The technical support we have received is second to none, any problems we have experienced have been resolved quickly and efficiently, and the developers are always keen to get your feedback and welcome suggestions about future developments which could be beneficial to your business. Last but not least, the price, this is a great piece of software at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend CONTACTfile.

Contact Manager Software testimonial

White Ochre Design Limited

I am a complete CONTACTfile convert and my only regret is that I did not buy it sooner. It has helped me to be more efficient with my admin and more organised with my project management. A major benefit is being able to invoice straight from my job list with just a few clicks as opposed to creating each invoice from scratch every time. Plus, all my contacts are now in one place and I can easily and quickly access the information I need. I now don't know what I would do without CONTACTfile! Set up is easy and straightforward and when I needed to ask something the person who answered the phone was quick to respond and patient. Online and telephone support is fantastic.


Contact Management Software Testimonial

Softbits Consultants Limited

Softbits was running its business by using several different packages to achieve contact management, invoicing, quoting and maintenance of its software database. The company decided it was time to look for a single package that would do all or most of these things for them. Managing Director Brian Marshall said “It wasn’t difficult to find various packages that purported to do everything we wanted. We downloaded various trials and tested them out for applicability. Most of them were very heavy weight and seemed far too complicated for what we wanted. When we tested CONTACTfileit seemed to fit the bill well and was additionally attractive in that it was from a local company.”

Brian added: “Since our involvement with <CONTACTfile> in late 2007, we have found them very helpful in all aspects, especially enhancements to the program. Being software developers ourselves we realise the benefit of feedback from clients, both positive and negative, in helping develop the package to suit as many clients as possible.

Client Relationship Manager Testimonial

Paul Moss: Activator UK Limited

We were looking for a contact management system that was usable, customisable and cost effective – the only product that met all the requirements was their CRM system. Since we started working with <CONTACTfile> for the last 2 or 3 years and we’ve found them to be really responsive, helpful and great to work with. Definitely one of our best decisions to date.

Activator logo

Martin Smith Learning and Development Consultant

I have been using CONTACTfile for a few months now and find it easy to use and a really excellent tool for helping me to manage my contacts. Whilst I haven't investigated all of the functionality available to me yet, I am very impressed so far not only with the way it functions but with the excellent support that I receive from <CONTACTfile>.

CONTACTfile CRM Testimonial

Mums in Biz

I use it to create lists of people attending events and for money collection: who has paid what and when. Before I used CONTACTfile, Mums In Biz used several Excel spreadsheets to store data. It often got confusing and was time consuming transferring data.  Time saving and clarity are, for me, the great benefits of CONTACTfile. I am currently using only a small part of the software and know there are lots more ways I can use it. The support after installation has been a real bonus as this has allowed me to use CONTACTfile to its full advantage.  I have already sold CONTACTfileto three other people  and that’s just the start.

Contact management Download Testimonial

Rebecca Murfitt Marketing

As a marketing professional I know only too well what benefits a good database can bring to a company so jumped at the chance to download CONTACTfileIt is perfect for my small business, easy to access client’s information, set tasks and create groups.  It enables excellent communication and management of my clients with very little time and effort.  I highly recommend it.

Customer Database Testimonial

One-stop computer Store, Beeding

Software works fine... we did a mail shot at Christmas, and had over 50 clients come in and celebrate with us! Our database is fast approaching 500!! clients so very excited... So glad we are using your software!

Client Database Download Testimonial

Style me confident

"One of the best business things I ever did was to buy CONTACTfile. It has transformed the way that I deal with my clients. Now, I can contact them easily, frequently and reliably. I can send emails by selected groups, and I can personalise everything to make them feel special. This is crucial in a business like mine. Someone at CONTACTfile is always at the end of the phone to help; although the software is fantastically easy to use."

CRM Software Testimonial

SMB Events Ltd

“CONTACTfile has proved itself to be a God-send to a small-to-medium size business like ours. Time saving, simple, yet multi-functional we found it 'ticked all our boxes', streamlining invoicing and credit control systems, assisting us in keeping on top of deadlines and meeting all our marketing and sales requirements.   Highly cost-effective, we would have no hesitation in recommending the product”

CRM System Testimonial

Sarah, business manager working from home

Really pleased with this CONTACTfile software. I manage a small business from home and was looking for something reasonably priced to help me manage my clients and invoices. CONTACTfile was recommended to me by a business friend. I did have a minor teething problem getting started, but the Database helpline was really efficient and it was quickly sorted out. I did find using it a bit slow at first, but now that I have my head around all the different functions and am familiar with where everything is it’s great.  CONTACTfile helps me keep track of my business brilliantly and it hasn’t cost the earth.  

Life Learning Limited

I am so glad that we have invested in Invoicer, Tracker, and Document Manager.We thought long and hard about it and now I only wish we’d just gone for it quickly and saved ourselves a lot of hassle in the meantime.It was so easy to expand our ContactFile Pro system. Thanks for the on-the-phone support.I can do so much more, and I thought it was good before!

Contact Management Testimonial

Julie, private tutor

CONTACTfile is a comprehensive piece of software for organising  all the people your business deals with.  I use it for keeping contact details, of course, and grouping my contacts into categories, for keeping a record of when I've been in touch, the work I'm doing for people and the hours I've worked for each, for writing quotes and invoices, and a bunch of other stuff.  I'm usually impressed with the detail and promptness of customer service queries by <CONTACTfile>.

Steyning Allotments Association

“I am very pleased to be using CONTACTfile.  It saves me so much time, and helps me do a really professional job.  All it takes is a 'click' to contact members by email or text, to produce a list of those who haven't paid their subscription, to produce a full list of members with addresses, telephone numbers etc.  Using CONTACTfile means I have all the information I need in an accessible, user-friendly, fast format, I would not do the job without it - it leaves me more time for gardening!”

Jenny, home user

I am almost computer illiterate and was fearful of not being able to utilise <CONTACTfile> successfully. Not only is it a very logical and clear system that I am finding very easy to access, but my visitor was a very skilled and patient teacher and communicator. I would like to recommend this program without reservation.


Contact File
Softbits was running its business by using several different packages to achieve contact management, invoicing, quoting and maintenance of its software database. The company decided it was time to look for a single package that would do all or most of these things for them. [More]
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