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CONTACTfile Pro: to suit the administrative needs of small businesses

CONTACTfile Pro has everything the manager of a small business needs: marketing and sales, quoting, invoicing, and task tracking - as well as all the functionality of a professional CRM contact-management system. It is designed for the director or finance manager of small businesses, and/or for sales marketing and project managers.

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CONTACTfile Pro:

  • generates professional quotations and invoices, and reminds you to follow them up.
  • offers the organised way of keeping track of projects by creating an up-to-date, operational To Do list.

Manage Quotes: Issue quotations or work specifications for consideration by your client.  You can:

  • Save your regular prices for products or services within CONTACTfile and use them to quickly price up jobs
  • Keep a record of the enquires made by clients, the work you plan to do for them and the products you plan to sell them
  • Calculate payment plans with a click of a button and add those to quotes
  • Include discounts just as easily

Manage Invoices: Build actual charges made to the client, to commit them to paper, and keep track of when the resulting invoice has been sent and subsequently paid.  You can:

  • Build your invoices from previous quotations, or from scratch, using your saved pricing structure
  • Fully customise your invoices using Microsoft Word automatic mail merge links
  • Record the work you have done by the hour and use this record to build ‘chargeable-hour’ invoices
  • Produce invoices at completion or at an end-of-month basis
  • Use the same module to confirm the current state of play or report necessary changes
  • Create additional invoices for each job when extra charges are incurred
  • Be reminded to follow up invoices as payment becomes due
  • Produce reminder invoices if payment is not forthcoming

Track Sales: Keep track of leads and the actions you take

  • Create your own unique sales system within CONTACTfile, including flexible action stages
  • Estimate the chance of success at each action stage
  • Record the potential value of each proposed contract and automatically calculate the weighted value of contracts at each stage
  • Be reminded when the next action stage is reached
  • See how well your sales activities are doing overall

Track Tasks: Keep track of project completion

  • Create your own unique operational system within CONTACTfile, including flexible task stages for different project types
  • Record progress as you undertake various stages of a project
  • Report your progress to your clients
  • Have the right person reminded to do each stage at the right time, using either the automatic Key Date function or manual input

Lead generator: Construct and keep track of your own marketing campaign

  • Collect together a set of contacts as subjects for your lead-generation project (e.g. a marketing campaign to a specific market)
  • Record a set of actions to take on each member of the group, or on the group as a whole
  • Be reminded of when these actions are due

And, of course, to make sure you are confident with using it, we have made a clear user guide(pdf), online help videos and each purchase comes with 3 months email or phone support.

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My CONTACTfile database is fantastic, and what is even more fantastic is the patient handholding and question answering that you have offered to this nervous database newbie. Thanks so much. Highly recommended! [More Testimonials]
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