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Articles Relating To CRM Software

View our list of informative articles on getting the most out of, and making an informed choice of CRM software

  1. What is CRM? Author: Heather Godfrey
    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a type of software that is used (as the name implies) to manage relationships between you and your customers.  In fact, it is an essential aid for working efficiently, especially if you are in business.  More...
  2. Going Back To Basics When Choosing An Easy CRM Contact Management System For Your Company Author: Dave W Brown
    Finding a Client Management System that is right for your business can be a very daunting task. The internet has been flooded with numerous companies claiming to have the best client management system that money can buy, but are they really telling the truth? More...
  3. Why spreadsheets are bad news for contact-management Author: Heather Godfrey
    The reason why small businesses use spreadsheets for contact-management has puzzled me for a long time.  In my role on the support desk for CONTACTfile, have seen it over and over again.  Typically, people will list their contacts down the first column of a worksheet, and use other columns  for further details (such as address and telephone number).  More...
  4. When should a new business invest in a CRM system? Author: Heather Godfrey
    When should a new business invest in a CRM system? Some would say that it is never too soon, and others would bide their time to see how it goes. But all would agree that a CRM system is essential if a business is to succeed, and so the ‘When?’ question is one that every new manager has to face eventually. More...
  5. CONTACTfile is free to students for one year Author: Heather Godfrey
    So, you’ve made it as a student. But what’s next? When you finish your studies you’ll want to secure a job, or perhaps start a business. But whatever you decide, you can’t do it on your own – you will need other people to open the door to the next big stage of your life. The secret, as so often stated, is not in WHAT you know so much as WHO you know. More...
  6. What you have to do to be successful in business Author: Heather Godfrey
    Some time ago, I wrote on the subject of what needed to be done in order to be successful in business. I wrote about being good at what you do, being reliable, making use of a good CRM system, and by providing quality support afterwards. Now, I have completely changed my mind. More...
Contact File
I am very pleased to be using CONTACTfile. It saves me so much time, and helps me do a really professional job. All it takes is a click to contact members by email or text, to produce a list of those who have not paid their subscription, to produce a full list of members with addresses, telephone numbers etc. [More]
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